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Experienced Developers Needed

I have been building and using a low-code development library since 2009. It includes all the basics that most websites need. I'm asking for feedback and estimates from you, experienced developers. How long does it take to build these basic features?

  • Account Registration
  • Forgot Password
  • Login/Logout
  • Bug Reporting

My goal is to publicize on the low code development library website how long it takes an average developer to build these features from scratch. Hopefully I will receive enough responses to have an averaged comparative value for these features.

Are these basic functionalities already included in other development tools? Or do they have to be built each and every time you start working with a new client? Of course experienced developers may be copy/pasting code from prior projects but it still requires copying the SQL tables and modifying the web pages to work for the new client's website.

If any of you could give me rough estimates in hours or days for each of these features I would greatly appreciate it. Let me also know what language or development library you are working with. This is with the assumption that it is a client asking for a brand new database and website built from scratch.

I am not interested in time estimates from no-code environments. Anything that requires hosting on their servers instead of your servers... is what I consider a "no-code" environment.

There's other features and functionality that are included in this low-code development environment but these may be less standard or difficult to give an estimate on because functionality differences could be significant. If anyone wants to give estimates on how long any of these features have taken to build from scratch for their projects, that would of course be much appreciated.

  • User Management
  • Error Logging and Tracking
  • Failed Access / Hacker Tracking and lockout
  • Update Logs - who changed what and when
  • Data-driven Menus
  • Help System
  • Tracking Emails sent from website
  • Report Creation (from SQL queries) and Usage Tracking
  • Widget Creation and Grouping by Department

Thanks for reading,

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