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Discussion on: How to Answer — “What Programming Language Should I Learn First?”

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John Alcher • Edited

I like to recommend this little site when asked the similar question: Best Programming Language For Me.

In the end, I personally subscribe with "Just pick one". programming concepts are roughly the same, and the sooner you grasp these concepts, the sooner you can transition to whatever domain you want to specialize with. And I also think that jumping around languages is a good thing in small dosages. Exposure to different types of syntax can't be bad, especially for beginners. I wasn't able to comprehend lambdas in Ruby up until I learned closures in JavaScript, for example.

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Mariany Author

I agree. A lot of the things I had a hard time understanding in Python I got from JavaScript, and vice versa. Because for most languages, they all accomplish the same goal.

But like you said, in small doses. I've seen a lot of people, myself included, waste countless amounts of time on something they aren't interested in. And simply because they didn't know what they were getting into.