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What game are you playing right now?

Trying to find an extra hour to play League of Legends every day! I can't grind that much like I used to 4 years ago, but hey, I'm still floating around Platinum and that's still pretty good early into the season.

Do you have any favourites from your childhood that you reminisce about?

Pokemon RGB/Y essentially taught me English, so there's that! Aside from that, I've always been fond of FamiCom games (not sure if it's NES or SNES internationally). Contra, Adventure Island, Double Dragon, Shufflepuck Cafe etc. There's tons of games with almost infinite replayability!

I did have a short period where I played some PlayStation 2, but my gaming transition was mostly FamiCom -> Gameboy/Gameboy Color -> PC.

Do you ever revisit those games for nostalgia's sake?

I tried to, but sadly the magic is gone unlike when I was a little kid. The game soundtrack though will always capture that essence :)

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