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1) Understand problem I mean fucking correctly once you understand the problem you won't get lost with a solution like take an example you need to go home and there are 50 ways to go home out of which 10 will get you home and out of 10 5 will get you home faster. In this situation you will always keep in mind about getting home and on the way you can think about getting home faster ?

2) Try small think as of a puzzle you put pieces together to make a rinosaur ? For e.g you are going to make a next facebook then you will think about users at first place and their content at second place . Not you will create a mechanism for user to register which take one time and then you will realize oh fuck i need a way to login them and you will login them. And you will add a way to add a post and realize oh fuck i need some checks to make so that only logged in users can post etc. Its all about trying something small and comparing actual goal to see if you have met.

3) Obviously you will need some ideas go google as much as you can learn to be specific. So that you can get your answer a lot faster.


Thank you. I find that very helpful

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