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NodeJS virtual environment in Fedora Toolbox

Fedora Toolbox is used to create isolated development environment with container technologies(podman).

Why Fedora Toolbox
1.It is tailor made and built-in fedora.
2.By utilizing a Fedora base image, it can install cross language and dependencies environment.
3.As Toolbox is mutable environment and docker environment is immutable; Docker is usually for software deployment and this is for software development

Hands-on Example

So let's start with creating nodeJS development environment inside Fedora.

toolbox create node
toolbox enter node
sudo dnf install nodejs

# Install Yarn
curl --silent --location | sudo tee /etc/yum.repos.d/yarn.repo
sudo dnf install yarn
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Output for Fedora Toolbox

  1. Create a fedora container, named node
Created Container: Node
# ... Other logs downloading and setting up container

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Dump Screen for create environment

  1. Entering virtual environment Environment name changed from fedora to toolbox

Manage Environemnts | Containers

  1. List Containers
toolbox list
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Containers Detail

  1. Remove Containers
toolbox rm node
# No Output for this Command
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To understand the container technology behind Fedora toolbox, you can visit this essay

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