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I feel like whenever I have joined slacks like this in the past they are always relatively inactive. Maybe I just haven't found the right ones.


That can definitely be true of some. Others are more active. A lot I've seen are active in spurts. When someone posts something, then there's a bit of a flurry then it goes quiet again.

It's good to be in several so you can have more of those little flurries going on at any given time.

That said, it's ok for them to be relatively inactive. In fact, that could work in your favour. If you're active and not many others are, new folks will notice you even more!

In some cases, it's ok to just treat them like a forum. Less realtime, post and assume a bit of a delay. Might be an hour, might be a couple days.

Alternatively, if none are active enough for any of that to work. It might be a great opportunity to spin up your own!

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