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Selling Bugs for Software Testers Course

An Experiment

I would like to see if there is demand for me to provide a course on improving persuasion skills for software testers. If someone purchases the course I will produce it and attempt to deliver the content as soon as possible.

The Curriculum

The preliminary curriculum is listed below. If anyone decides to purchase the course I would love to receive any feedback on what could be improved. If there is a topic that has not been covered I would be more than willing to attempt to include it in the future. Interest in Python or .NET programming could be options in the future as well.

The Overarching Goal, Why does selling bugs matter?

  • Why does this matter?
  • Is this a bug?
  • Where does this bug fit in relation to everything else?
  • The QA Engineer Role
  • Provide Information and constructive feedback

Tactical Empathy, Understand the roles you are communicating with

  • Developers
  • Product Owners
  • Executives
  • Combination of Developer and Product Owner
  • Software Architect

Tools for being persuasive

  • Advanced Listening
  • Mirroring and Labels
  • Calibrated Questions
  • Face to Face versus Email or Chat
  • Meetings
  • Accusation Audit
  • Tone

Persuasive Work Products

  • Test Strategy
  • Storytelling
  • Mindmaps / Concept Maps
  • Metrics and Visualizations

Bringing it all together

  • Unifying the techniques and applying them

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