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Discussion on: Will PHP save your startup?

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Alan Barr

PHP has been on my mind more and more lately. From working at a few marketing companies where PHP was the default then transitioning to a .Net enterprise. However, I have noticed recently that one of my most popular blog articles is PHP. There appears to be a great demand even though I feel like nodejs should be rivaling a lot of what made PHP successful except for some specific reasons why it currently does not. One, I think that university courses put a big focus on PHP+Mysql as the easiest place to start for creating an app and learning about databases. The learning feedback loop is very small compared to a a statically compiled language. Two, most people dipping their toes into their own website may still start with a hoster that offers mysql+php and does maintenance for them vs. starting with a cloud provider. Third a lot of businesses have some kind of PHP laying around somewhere and I wager there is a vacuum of knowledge around PHP where other ecosystems have taken the attention. There seems to be some demand for creating libraries or documentation on how to do some things in PHP that would be easier in some languages.