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Cloud Computing , let's talk about it [Part 1]

Does cloud computing sound complicated to you?

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Most of the answer I got from people are Yes ! It seems like everyone is talking about cloud and cloud computing but no one ever explain it in a simple way.

First of all, we have to understand why cloud computing is being used in the first place. Let's put it this way.

Imagine a client came to your IT solutions company and order to make them an applications. They offered you a budget and timeline. You accepted it.

Well you guess it right. Then, you will have to start to develop the applications.

And to make this even more easier to understand, let's make this simple cycle.

Development → Testing → Deployment → Production → End User
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So, this is a typical Software Development process and infrastructure where a company is needed in order to deliver the product and services. You will need certain server, platform, storage and tools for each of the step in the cycle.

And after you have completed the process , all the infrastructures are left behind. You will never use it anytime soon if there is no new projects coming in. Or you will most probably need different configurations , platform, software for next project.

Hence, all the server , equipment, platform , storage are costing you money. Purchasing expensive systems and equipment for your business just to carry out one project development.

Now, let's imagine we can have it all , the Software, Infrastructure, Platform and Storage , just for our current project and we can stop anytime when we do not need it , does it sound good ?

Ta-da, and this is why cloud computing is exists. We can use cloud computing for their ready to use software, infrastructures and platforms, what we do is we only need to configure it to the way we want it to be.

In fact, we only need to pay minimal amount of cost acquiring it on the cloud comparable to physically have it in your office, in order to done the development.

Now, have you got the idea what is cloud computing is ? and why cloud computing is being used?

Share with me what is your special experience with cloud computing at the comment below !


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