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MERN Stack BoilerPlate with two type auth

alaminsheikh001 profile image Alamin Sheikh ・1 min read

Are you looking forward a Mern stack boilerplate with admin role and regular user auth included? This is the boilerplate for you!

Git Repo


  • MongoDb and Mongoose - MongoDb as a Database and mongoose as as a Object Data - Modeling library for MongoDB and Node.js
  • Express - as a backend Framework
  • React - as a Frontend Framework
  • Node - as a Server
  • Redux - for state Management (will be updated)
  • JsonWebToken - for creating JSON-based access tokens
  • bcryptjs - for hashing the user passwords

also two type of role one is admin role and another one is user role
when user or admin as a login then there data will save in the localStorage.

Feel free to give me some suggestions to improve it!
Happy coding to everyone!

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