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Google STUN server List.

In this article we are going to consider Google STUN server and complete list of free and public stun and TURN servers

Google provides the following Free STUN servers for public use

Google STUN server

All these servers are working when I tested them

  • has address
  • has address
  • has address
  • has address
  • has address

The best STUN server to use is the Metered TURN server

You need to create a free account to be able to access it.

Metered Global STUN TURN servers​

  • Global Geo-Location targeting: Automatically directs traffic to the nearest servers, for lowest possible latency and highest quality performance.
  • Servers in 12 Regions of the world: Toronto, Miami, San Francisco, Amsterdam, London, Frankfurt, Bangalore, Singapore,Sydney
  • Low Latency: less than 50 ms latency, anywhere across the world.
  • Cost-Effective: pay-as-you-go pricing with bandwidth and volume discounts available.
  • Easy Administration: Get usage logs, emails when accounts reach threshold limits, billing records and email and phone support.
  • Standards Compliant: Conforms to RFCs 5389, 5769, 5780, 5766, 6062, 6156, 5245, 5768, 6336, 6544, 5928 over UDP, TCP, TLS, and DTLS.
  • Multi‑Tenancy: Create multiple credentials and separate the usage by customer, or different apps. Get Usage logs, billing records and threshold alerts.
  • Reliability: 99.999% Uptime with SLA.
  • Enterprise Scale: With no limit on concurrent traffic or total traffic. Metered TURN Servers provide Enterprise Scalability
  • 50 GB/mo Free: Get 50 GB every month free TURN server usage with the Free Plan

You can create an account on Metered website and get 50GB of Free TURN usage every month

You can test the STUN and TURN servers here:

Other Public STUN Server List

Here is a list of other STUN servers that may or may not be working

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