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Typing is definitely an important software development skill, but hardly the most important one. I do plenty of typing, but I do far more thinking, analyzing and discussing (most often resulting in less typing). If I typed at half the speed, that would be much less of a problem them if my logical and critical thinking skills were only half as efficient.

As I see it, typing is a job description for software developers in the same way that writing emails and sitting in meeting rooms is a job description for managers: it might cover a fair part of their spent time, but it's not their main skill, nor the key to their added value.


That's not the point of the article though; It's not about effectively saving time over the day, but not losing your line of thought in those rare moments when you actually do have to type a bunch of code.

The point is that typing needs to be friction-less, so it doesn't get in the way.


Fair point. I've seen far too many people obsess over perfectly minimizing the amount of characters that they type (rather than optimizing their high-level flow), that that's what I read into this article too.

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