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Alain D'Ettorre
Alain D'Ettorre

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Offline Video Player is here

[EDIT] Support for subtitles added

Offline Video Player is a new Express MVC application allowing you to watch a lot of videos in a row, without distractions. It also keeps track of your progress automatically and let's you export/import it.

It works completely offline as the name implies though, so you have to put video files into the app's /videos folder in order to make it work.

How to use

  1. Install
git clone
cd offline-video-player
npm install
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  1. Move your .mp4 video files into the /videos folder

  2. Start

npm start
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Alt Text

Alt Text

Alt Text

Cover photo by Darren Bockman on Unsplash

Discussion (2)

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apostoins • Edited on

I can't say I entirely agree with you. This video player is looking very good, but how fast it is. The main problem of many video players is that it is loading very slow the video files. Sometimes on my default Windows video player, I had to wait for minutes for a video file to start playing, even though I have a good computer. This is why I started to use OmniPlayer. It is swift and doesn't make the quality of videos worse. The main advantage for me is that it can read any video file format. As a freelancer, I can say that it is good.

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Alain D'Ettorre Author

It's not the same though