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Anthony Lagrede
Anthony Lagrede

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I succeed to publish my first Electron App on Apple Store

My final result 😁

After months of work, I am happy to contribute to the community by sharing my first Electron application Znote published on the Mac App Store.


In this article I would like to share my journey to publish an Electron application on the Mac App Store and also thank the community for helping me along this path.

At the beginning, I just wanted to encrypt my personal sensitive notes. Effectively, I have the bad habit (like many) of storing my passwords, accounts access and pieces of code in local notes or/and usb key.😅
After a while of web search, I was really disappointed to find only incomplete or paying editors for this simple function of note encryption. So I decided to create another my own free editor with powerful features that I want as developer!
In this context I started to build Znote with Electron and React.

Set yourself a limit and don't exceed it

Here my first advice, probably obvious for many of you. After starting to use my app all my workdays, my goal finally changed; I wanted to use znote as my primary notepad. To achieve that, I focused to add more and more features like code highlight, multi-notes support, auto saved drafts... (in fact, until I was happy to use it). It just should be an encryption feature but actually it looks more like a real software. It's not a bad thing but I wasn't prepared to invest so much free time.

Don't underestimated the deployment

It's probably my biggest mistake! When I thought my development was finished and ready to be published on the App Store, I quickly realized the enormous amount of work that remained to be done before publishing.

Here are some issues I encountered:

I plan to start a series of tutorials soon to explain each point.

To Conclude: Give it a try

I'm really happy to achieve this Apple publication but it's just the beginning. I still have lots of things to do. (New feature ideas, Windows store is ongoing...)
I intend to continue providing this application for free. If you like my work, give me your opinion on Apple store or directly on Github with a star.
If you found an issue you can report it to the issues section.
And finally, if you want to participate to vote on the next features, I will be happy to received your mail via the homepage of the website.


I put here the first part of tutorials: how to build an electron application

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Anthony Lagrede

I put here the first part of tutorials: how to build an electron application

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Thank you for the tutorial, i downloaded your app and am enjoying it, also i have some technical questions.
What type of local storage did you use? or is your app have a remote database?
What is your approach for syncing data and encryption? Thank you

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Jess Lee


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Anthony Lagrede

The Windows store tutorial is coming soon 🥳