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Akshay Khale
Akshay Khale

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Are we losing the Basics???

Being in the Tech field, We are "Standing on the shoulders of giants". Our IDEs are powerful in fact normal Text-Editors are also Powerful with thousands of extensions making coding as simple as possible.

So, do you think that being surrounded by all these powerful tools, we are losing the basics?

An ancient example:

Since we have phonebooks we don't remember anyone's phone number anymore.

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Nicholas Stimpson

I've often thought that despite spending much of the last two decades writing Java, I can never remember the signature for the application main() method, because I never write it. Typically, that's buried in a framework or container somewhere. In the very rare occasions, that I do need one, my IDE will write it for me.

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Saurabh Sharma

I think this happens in every field:
Initally human travelled by foot
we invented wheel
we used horses
Then cars came

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Abhijeet Umbarkar

Modern technologies, tools are meant to make our life better. Seems we are too dependent on them, we feel our life will be useless without them. IDE's came lots of extensions that generate code snippets, helps to code better for saving time. I saw many candidates, who don't know how to connect MySQL and Php, how connections are made. Agree that nobody is going to use that, but it's a basic thing, we should know.