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In modern times, our lives have certainly become a bit more dynamic.
Being aware of this, We'll be exploring broad category of tools.So let me show you some tools I find extremely useful, either because they make my life easier or because they push me to write more accessible code🕴️.

Color 🌈

1.Colordot - A color picker for humans
Alt Text

2.uiGradients - Beautiful colored gradients
Alt Text

3.Stylify Me - Online Style Guide Generator

4.Colors and Fonts
Alt Text

Fonts 📣

FontSpark | Discover Better Fonts
Alt Text

Icon 🎩

Noun Project
Alt Text


CSS Grid: Style Guide
Alt Text

Logo 💎

Logaster logo maker
Alt Text

Animation 👾

Alt Text

Alt Text


4.Collect UI
Alt Text

5.Steam inspired game card hover effect
Alt Text

Alt Text


8.Vivify - CSS Animation Library
Alt Text

9.CSS Animation Library for Developers and Ninjas - cssanimation.io

10.Magic Animations CSS3
Alt Text

11.vector illustrations – Ouch.pics
Alt Text

12.Illustrations Vectors, Photos and PSD files
Alt Text

13.MIT Vectors
Alt Text

14.Humaaans: Mix-&-Match illustration library
Alt Text

That’s it for now! Just a quick overview of some of the tools that make my work a little bit more productive. I just hope I helped you in this choice and thus, make your life more arranged and creative.


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Thanks I really liked colordot :D



online color tools

Hi Akshay; Can you add our online color tools to your list please?

Color Tool Name Link
Color Palette Generator hexcolor.co/palette-generator
Color Picker Tool hexcolor.co/color-picker
Gradient Color Generator hexcolor.co/gradient-generator
Image to Colors Palette Generator hexcolor.co/image-to-colors
CSS Color Extractor hexcolor.co/css-color-extractor
Color Contrast Checker hexcolor.co/color-contrast-checker
Bootstrap Material Theme Colors hexcolor.co/material-design-colors

Appreciate the effort❤️


Have you seen the grayscale.design color palette generator?

You set the color values you want and then add your colors. It will find the colors that match your color value scale for you! In other words, you can theoretically design in grayscale to get your contrast just right, then simply swap in your colors and you'll maintain the exact contrast ratio. It's pretty epic.


love this. And have used a lot of these!!! :-)


Thank you so much for listing Colors & Fonts.

It warms my heart to know that the work I am putting on the website and newsletter helps other ones.

That means a lot.

Again thank you so much.


cool! thanks for sharing 😀


Thank you so much for this.


Thanks for sharing the list of amazing tools.
You must check that tool as well
That tool contains 100+ Web utilities, related to numbers, Unit converter, Developers, String, IP tools, and Converters as well.


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Nice collection thanks for sharing


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Thanks for sharing! ❤


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Great list. 🤩 We have also prepared the list of Best Open Source Web Development Tools.


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Nice collection brother, earlier I used to search on google for everything now I have the kit.