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Major League Hacks | Local Hack Day: Build

akshat511716 profile image Akshat Rana ・2 min read


Hey! The start of the MLH LHD Build week was astonishing for me. I got to know about this week-long hackathon by a fellow-mate which turned out to be the finest series of events that I have attended so far!



MLH Local Hack Day: Build is one of the three major events hosted by amazing folks at #MLH. Participated in the week-long celebration of coding and various new intimidating technologies.

The event started on 10th January for the next 7 days. Every day was certainly filled with new challenges, but where there are challenges, there are amazing folks to guide you.

EquiCode, my guild for the MLH LHD Build was very supportive of every challenge. There were daily and week-long challenges that could spark creativity inside a developer.


We also had some networking tasks, where we all shared a meal with our guildmates and be a part of such community and support each other and grow together: EquiCode.


EquiCode and EddieHub had this amazing session together to share a meal that helped me explore the diversity of such enormous communities.

All of this was possible only because of our bewildering guild-mates and our Team Leader i.e. Khushi Sharma.

She supported us every day, made us realize that a rank is just a number. It's great that everyone is participating so much and helping each other out.

After all, the community is a place to learn and explore together!

Bringing in the competition of MLH LHD Build, EquiCode was swiftly able to retain the '3rd position' in the top guilds leaderboard amongst 100+ guilds.

Proud to be part of such a community!!!

This week was the most memorable week so far.
Interacting with new people, learning, sharing, and supporting each other to fulfill every challenge.

I hope to attend such hackathons in near future!

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