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When to Choose a Headless CMS?

Monolithic CMS is generally self-contained, which may not be the best choice for projects requiring integration with multiple external services or platforms.

However, a monolithic solution could be more straightforward if your project doesn't require such integrations. But if you’re looking for more, headless is the way to go.

1️⃣ Complex projects: Headless CMS is designed for scalability and flexibility, making it a better fit for larger more complex projects.

2️⃣ Multi-platform integrations: The decoupled architecture of a Headless CMS makes it easier to integrate with multiple platforms, whether they are eCommerce solutions, progressive web Apps, or other third-party services.

3️⃣ High scalability and flexibility: A headless CMS is likely the better choice if your project requires high scalability and flexibility, especially regarding frontend development and third-party integrations.

Using a monolithic CMS brings dependencies and security problems, but if you want more security (like storing your content in your own #github repository 🤓) and flexibility then think about using headless architecture and joining our waitlist:

We'll combine the power of Git with Serverless tech with our 2.0 version 🥳 You need a Github account to try 1.0

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