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Next js 15 RC !! Now available .

Image descriptionThe Next.js 15 Release Candidate (RC) is out now for testing. It lets you try out the latest features before the final release.

Here’s what’s new:

  • React Support: Now supports React 19 RC, React Compiler (Experimental), and improves hydration errors.
  • Caching Changes: Fetch requests, GET Route Handlers, and client navigations are no longer cached by default.
  • Partial Prerendering (Experimental): Introduces a new Layout and Page config option for gradual adoption.
  • next/after (Experimental): Offers a new API to run code after a response has finished streaming.
  • create-next-app: Gets an updated design and a new flag to enable Turbopack in local development.
  • Bundling external packages (Stable): Introduces new config options for App and Pages Router.

To try it out, run this command in your terminal:

npm install next@rc react@rc react-dom@rc

Note: You can view the Next.js 15 RC documentation at

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