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Olumide Akinremi
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My reflections on Andela's EPIC values

Hello everyone,
Being an Andelan is wonderful and there are a lot of EPIC things to say about it and yes, the amazing EPIC tower.
Andelans are known for their EPIC values which acronym means:

These values can be better emphasized rather than just the acronym.

At Andela, there is a belief that, if you strive for excellence, with the total commitment you will achieve it.
During the onboarding ceremony, excellent was illustrated with a growth mindset session, been open-minded and believe in doing more as well as asking relevant questions.
My experience so far at Andela helped me differentiate between excellent and perfection, with this simple quote "if you strive for perfection you will never find it".
There is a gap between excellent and perfection, excellence is wanting to do and know more but looking for perfection will only lead to a closed mindset

At Andela, there is a belief that everyone has the ability to do more which has to be unlocked by being passionate and not giving up.
Andela also helps young talent across Africa with the ALC programme meaning (Andela Learning Community). which has helped thousands of young Africans discover themselves. I am proud to say that I'm among the thousand.
As an aspiring Andelan, I understand what it means to be passionate by striving to know more and not giving up.

Andela believes in choosing the right people and trusting them to do the right things.
Andela believes in saying the truth always, knowing and doing the right thing, taking responsibility and giving credits when it's required.
I now understood what it means to cherish other people's hard work and also mine, to make sure I stay true to myself.

At Andela, there is a saying that "our sum is greater than our part".
Aspiring Andelans should be a good team player by treating everyone with respect, reaching out to people and leveraging on other people's knowledge.
During the onboarding, we are encouraged to solve problems as a team and reaching out to a teammate or anyone available when having issues.

it's also important to share your knowledge with people so that they can learn from you.

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