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Olumide Akinremi
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My experience in Bootcamp so far.

Bootcamps aren't easy, I wanted to give up on the fourth day because it wasn't as easy as I thought and believe me, it has been a challenging and a productive period plus a deliberate moment of learning, unlearning and relearning.

The Bootcamp had helped me learn the professional way of working as a Developer, unlearning some irrelevant things that I know and relearning values to be part of me.

I was been pushed to learn new stuff like Deploying on Heroku, Git / Version Control, Linting Code, TDD, Travis e.t.c.

Also, I learned a lot from the Learning Facilitators Associate (LFA’s); they are very welcoming, always ready to help and give feedback in a manner that doesn’t demoralize me.

During the course of the bootcamp, the Bootcamp has imbibed in me the following:

•The growth mindset to work with the aim of achieving excellence

• The desire to do better than the past with great passion

•Knowing that I will be held accountable for my own actions thereby doing the right thing — Integrity

•Collaborating with teammates and leveraging on other people’s knowledge to achieving a better result.

I am excited that my hardwork pays and as a result, I was successful in the first week of this Bootcamp training and the second week of intensive coding training which made me an Andelan.

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