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Olumide Akinremi
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Andela Bootcamp challenges and how I adapted.

I acquired a lot of knowledge during the Andela bootcamp, learning more than I thought in such a short period of time.

The Bootcamp was challenging, I have to learn new ways of doing things, the right standard to follow.

During my first two days at the Boot camp, I struggled with learning new things like git workflow, PT board, writing test e.t.c. I went through the process of learning, unlearning and relearning, and the most encouraging part is that I’m investing more quality time adapting to these changes compared to other things.

It was really difficult to adapt, but I helped myself by being open-minded, curiously wanting to learn more and asking questions.

I appreciate the fact that I’m getting better day after day, and I also love the fact that everything I planned to achieve before I started the Boot camp is falling into place even before my projections.

Learning new things may not come easy, however, I, Olumide Akinremi didn't relent on my laurels and encourage everyone else not to give up.

Thank you.

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