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Software testing for Fintech. Part 2

akhobotnya profile image Alex Khobotnya ・1 min read

Developing a Fintech solution, why should you connect software testing?

Can an engineering team run their own testing before moving the product to production or shipping new features? Sure it can. Will this check be unbiased and done with the necessary dose of professionalism? And what if there is a need to set up QA processes from scratch?

As the practice shows, there is always room for improvement after such checks. A fresh look taken at the solution allows uncovering hidden traps and pitfalls that may stand you high if released to the end-users.

That’s why QA done by specialists not only addresses the most critical facets like reliability, performance, compatibility, and security but also inspires confidence in the overall robustness of the product you are working on.

Introduced at the early stages of the software development lifecycle or even in a tandem with a DevOps, QA of a Fintech app entails numerous benefits, like:

  • Well organized, powerful product development lifecycle.
  • Enhanced user experience.
  • All-inclusive test coverage.
  • Quick time to market.
  • Integral workflow.
  • Improved issues traceability. Want to learn more? Follow the updates or reach us out at

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