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Node MongoDB

For making our webpage functional and make a full stuck website we have to make a back-end server site for our project. There are many languages for making a website backend server. These are like Node Js, Django, PHP, Laravel, etc. Node Js is JavaScript outside the web browser. It is a back-end javascript runtime code that is executed on v8 of a browser and runs the functionality of code. Node Js is also a javaScript language but there are some differences between Node Js and javaScript.
Javascript can run in any browser easily because it is a programming language. But Node js is a javascript interpreter and environment of some cellular libraries. Generally, javascript is used on the client site server but node js is used in the server site. Javascript can be run in any engine but node js can run only in v8. It has a newer version known as ECMAScript which is written by c++ whereas node js uses c, c++, and javascript.
By using back-end language we can use API base connection with database like MongoDb which is a NoSQL database we can also use SQL database. But I am experienced with the NoSQL database which is MongoDB. There are various features in the MongoDB database management system. By using MongoDB with Node Js we can post anything using the post method we can Update any document from our database which is previously stored in our database using the Put method. Which APIs are stored in our database we can get our database using the get method but for getting any API from our previously saved database it is not necessary to declare the get method.
For passing data from front end to back end we can use the basic system which fetches for getting data from back end we don’t have to declare our method. Otherwise, all methods need to be declared. To fetch any data from the back end we have to announce the header of the fetch object which will contain the content type actually and put our application as a JSON File. In the body of the fetching system, it contains the data which w want to save in our database.
These are the main feathers that I am using in my project in past. There are some extra features that I haven’t explored yet but I am trying to explore new thing every day. There is also some SQL database which has some difference from the NoSql database. SQL database is a table-based data but NoSQL database where we can store data such as documents, key-value, and as like objects. SQL database is vertically scalable whereas NoSQL database is horizontally scalable. SQL is a relational database management system but NoSQL is a non-relational database management system.SQL has a fixed database system whereas NoSQL is a dynamic database system.
I am using node MongoDB in My project because MongoDB is a non -structure database or NoSQL database. MongoDB is a distributed database that allows real-time integration. MongoDB is also open source and preferred for changing data. Also offers severe site data validation. Node.js is popularly being used in web applications because it lets the application run while it is fetching data from the backend server. So I use node and Mongo with my React project. I have successfully done more than 3 projects as a beginner with the NoSQL database MongoDB. As it is a dynamic database system I applied various things in those projects. With MongoDB in node js, I am creating a database using post method update a data using put method I am also access data from database using get method. For doing this thing we have to connect our back-end server with the MongoDB URI.

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