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JavaScript Interview Preparation Resources

I am a bit tired now, yet I thought I would share these resources that I collected for preparing for my JavaScript Interview Preparation.
I believe it would be beneficial both for the frontend or backend(node.js) role.

Technical Coding Assessment

Many companies nowadays test their candidates via an online coding platform i.e. HackerRank. It is one of the first barriers to overcome.
This a source of fear and anxiety for many of us. Only preparation and practice in the right direction can help us get through this step.
Luckily platform like HackerRank & CoderByte has free interview preparation kit that are meant to help overcoming such fear.

Alt Text

For algorithm reference, check this repo-

Core JavaScript Question

This is where your domain-specific knowledge will be put under test. I am gonna list a few of the most reliable resources that I have curated from the internet and renowned bloggers.
First, I highly recommend this series from Eric Elliot. I urge you to finish reading all of the posts from the series; it's a great value.

Also read this article, if you can-

Now, for the rest of the resources- it is important to note that one can't finish all the questions listed in a specific resource. Rather one should try and solve as many as possible with the consistency that s/he can maintain.


These resources are by no means mine but their respective owners & contributors, I just curated it for better reach. If you know any better resources, plz share in the comment; it'll benefit us.

Cover Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

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