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Delete git branches in batches

🤡 Delete git branches in batches

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In daily development, we create a git branch function every time we make a requirement. Over time, many local and online branches will be accumulated. Then it is particularly important to have a tool to delete git branches in batches at this time. GBKILL is a tool created to solve this need, allowing you to delete git branches more efficiently

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This tool will list the git branches in the projects, and then you can select in batches the git branches that need to be deleted.

🤡 Install

Actually you don't need to install it to use it! Just use the following command:

$ npx gbkill
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Or you can install it:

$ npm i -g gbkill
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🏕️ Usage

Enter gbkill in your terminal** (currently not compatible with Git in Windows terminal)**. gbkill will execute the git command to scan the git branches under your current project s and display them in the lists

Key Description
Space Press the spacebar to execute the merged branch deletion (recommendation: to prevent accidental deletion)
Tab Press the Tab to execute `merged \
RightArrow Press {% raw %}-> to execute `Open \
Press {% raw %} to select branch
Press to select branch


  1. The merge listed on the gbkill interface displays yes or No which is judged by git branch --merged <name>. You can specify the merged branch name by executing gbkill --merged <name>

  2. When the merge status in gbkill is yes, but NO_FORCE...fully merged appears when you delete the branch. Reason: The code of this branch is not merged into the currently focused branch. Requires forced deletion

  3. When executing gbkill --sync, the remote branch of the target branch will be deleted first and then the local branch

🏖️ Parameter

Configurable parameters of gbkill. Some configuration parameters will be cached and shared globally in the /user home directory/.gbkill file.

Argument Description Cache
--force Forcibly delete a branch, equivalent to git branch -D \<name\> (Caution: local commit changes will be deleted) No
--sync Whether to delete remote branches synchronously No
--merged <name> Specify the branch name used to determine whether a branch has been merged (git branch --merged <name>) Yes
--lock <names..> Locked some branches will be hidden in the list, and the data will be accumulated instead of replaced (Prevent accidental deletion, protect some branches) Yes
--unlock <names..> Unlock a branch locked by --lock Yes

🏝️ State of Git branch

Description corresponds to branch status.

Status Description Color
NONE The branch is in a normal state
DELETING Branch is being deleted 🌍
DELETED Branch deleted 🟢
FAILED Fail to delete branch 🔴
NO_MERGED The branch was not merged into name branch (--merged <name>) 🟣
NO_FORCE This branch needs to be forcibly deleted git branch -D name(--force) 🟡
NO_SYNC Fail to delete remote branches synchronously 🟠

🏞️ Known issues

⚠️ Git for Windows Terminal is currently not supported, and the tool is limited to ink. We will look for alternatives later. Please use CMD, Vscode terminal's Git... terminal

⛺ Other

  1. This tool will be continuously optimized. If you have better ‘interactive behavior’ or ‘feature requests’, you can submit a ‘pr’ or ‘issue’ to me
  2. Thank you for using this tool and looking forward to your [issue]( or [PR](

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