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Best stable Linux distribution compatible with Nvidia

akashspunnayil profile image akashspunnayil ・1 min read

I am facing a never-ending boot issues in ubuntu since it updated from 16.04 to 18 and also with 20 (All were LTS versions). Sometimes after choosing ubuntu from grub menu screen flickers and something run is running endlessly. Sometimes I can only see a black screen with no action on keyboard or mouse or try. When I googled, it showed the problem is with Nvidia, but none of the suggested solutions worked for me. This is making me to switch another LinuxOS.

Can anyone suggest a stable Linux distribution compatible with Nvidia? I am mostly working with python and gfortan.

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Aditya Gaitonde

Pop! os is q good place to continue if you want to stay in Ubuntu ecosystem, if you want to go outside ubuntu ecosystem, my suggestion would be manjaro, which is arch based but simple enough to work out of box without much setup