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Welcome to Cheatsheet World

Hey Guys🖐, I've brought a list of cheatsheets that I've complied over the years. I hope you like it. Without further ado, let's get started.


  1. Glyphs, Characters & Entities Cheatsheet A cheatsheet for all HTML weird but necessary figures(&nsbp; Ì etc)

  2. Emmet Cheatsheet A very helpful cheatsheet to speed up your development process

  3. HTML Cheatsheet
    HTML tags, grouped together for easy understanding

  4. HTML Semantics
    A list of semantic HTML elements which can be used to cross check against a markup and improve SEO.

  5. Markdown Cheatsheet All markdown syntax explained with examples. It also includes github flavoured markup like syntax highlighting, tables etc incase you are building a README.


  1. Easing Functions cheatsheet
    A list of 30 easing functions build into CSS along with graphs to easily understand them.

  2. Common CSS Selectors cheatsheet Common CSS selectors like >, ~, *, #, ., + etc

  3. Complete CSS Selectors cheatsheet All the css selectors like :not, '::after', :target etc.

  4. [@rule, functions, Properties & Pseudo Classes] I know I've mentioned CSS selectors already, the reason I included this is because it has @rules and CSS functions (


  1. Keyboard Codes Keyboard codes for all keys to detect keypress in javascript.

  2. GSAP Cheetsheat A cheatsheet for GSAP.

  3. Operators
    Easily lookup javascript operators.

  4. Events
    A compilation of all events available javascript.

  5. Dates
    A list of all date functions available in javascript.

  6. DOM cheatsheet
    The ultimate DOM cheatsheet to replace jQuery 😅. It has most of the common javascript methods like querySelector(), getElementById() etc.

  7. Firebase Cheatsheet A list of most firebase functionality, currently it has cloud functions & firestore but its still in developemnt


  1. HTTP Status Codes
    A list of 60+ REST API status codes by MDN, the best friend of a javascript developer.

  2. HTTP Request Methods
    A compilation of all the REST API methods that are incredibly useful while developing REST API code.

  3. (
    A record of 110+ HTTP headers(believe me, I had to count it 6 times and I'm still not sure) that are good practise to have in a REST API. I don't use this a lot as I use packages that give middleware that do this for me. But, this can be very useful if your API is huge and you're trying to limit bundle size.


  1. SEO

  2. Git
    A cheatsheet with some of the common git commands

  3. Regex
    I'm horrible at Regular Expressions. This cheatsheet and stack overflow are my go to sources for getting or forming a regex.

  4. VIM Vim has a HUGE learning curve(at least for me, I've been doing it since 3 months and I still can't remember the common shortcuts). I used this cheatsheet a lot when I was learning and it helped my consolidate my memory of VIM.

That's it for now, Thank you for reading until this point. If you found this post useful, like it and follow me so that you don't miss any new posts. Bye for now 👋

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