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Akash Pattnaik
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The PlayStore Killer

It's 2024, and PlayStore is dominating the space in androids.

Towards the mid-end of 2023, PhonePe announced their own AppStore for India called Indus AppStore to compete against Playstore. Feb 21st is the date it's going to be released.

Features πŸš€

This new AppStore comes with various new features and here are a few to list ->

  • Support for 13 India regional Languages
  • No fee for developers to list their apps.
  • AI integrated, you just need to enter your app details in english and they auto generate the same for the other 13 regional languages.
  • Ease of WebUI.

Indus UI

This is something I created as my first app to be listed on Indus. I invite you all too, to shift from playstore and get started with Indus.

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