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Why do developers use what they use?

I've been studying adoption of development frameworks, platforms, languages, standards, tools, and techniques and I wonder what are the factors that drive the popularity of certain technologies over others. I'd love to hear from the dev community. Looking forward to your comments!

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rhymes • Edited

Lately tools come to me, I don't go to them

For example: I learned the basics of React components this week to work with Preact on something that was already using Preact. I'm not raving about either, but will I self combust if I keep at it? I doubt it :) Did I learn something valuable? In the grand scheme of things probably, but in the context of the job definitely.

There are limits obviously, I don't go look for jobs with technologies I'm completely uninterested in (not naming names to avoid flames :D), the same way.

I'd say that the "choice" is a combination of preferences, pragmatism, other people's choices, popularity, bias and responsibility.