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What make you confused on Crypto-Js package for Node.js

1. KEY [ Private key ]
2. Secret Passphrase

What is a Private Key?
A Private Key is a string of random characters, representing a cryptocurrency wallet address, allowing you to access, receive, send your crypto funds. The Private Key is created from mixed letters and letters. Similar to a Password, it’s the key of your crypto account.

A Private Key is a string of numbers and letters with the following form:


Main features of Private key:
Private Key contains characters including uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers.
The complexity of the Private Key is reflected in the random mixing of characters, without any rules, which makes it difficult for hackers to crack.
The Private Key is generated from the Passphrase by encrypting it.
Each Private Key can generate an address that allows you to make transactions in your wallet.

What is a Passphrase?
A passphrase is a sequence of words used to control access, secure, and recover your wallet in case you cannot access your main wallet. The wallet service provider will issue you a PassPhrase as soon as you create the wallet.
Passphrase is a sequence of words with the following form: race fog come flash position garbage glass rule dizzy behind use tape
Main features of Passphrase:
Passphrase is usually a sequence of readable English words, from 12 to 24 words, randomly generated.
Passphrase is mainly used to create and restore crypto wallets.

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