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Rust with visual studio code

It is very rare who doesn't use vscode at this time. Almost all of us use visual studio code for our daily development and when we learn new technologies or new languages we always prefer our daily uses IDE or editor what you say.

So who are new to learn rust as usual you also finding some extension if i not wrong. Here is my preference to use this extensions to easy your journey with Rust and your beloved visual studio code.


1. Rust-analyzer

Most probably you came across with official rust extension for vscode. At this time of writing rust official extension deprecated now.which was not able to go to definition.
By the way , rust analyzer solve this .
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2.Better TOML

If you came from node.js ecosystem , you all know node.js use package.json file to track their dependencies and for many other things which is essential to run a node project.Rust also use something like that. But difference is rust doesn't use package.json file instead it use cargo.toml file.But problem is vscode doesn't recognize .toml file .That's why we don't get color highlighting feature.
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1. CodeLLDB

CodLLDB extension helps to debug your code. When one new on a new language to debug our code we use console.log or print something like that. To get rid of this kind of action CodeLLDB help us more.
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2. Crates

This extension is not for only rust. Cargo is the package manager of rust. You can check the dependencies of your packages in cargo.toml file.Here is a common problem of detecting outdated packages and sometimes there exist vulnerabilities with outdated packages .so it is good to be up to date with your used packages.Crates extension helps us to know about it.
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Happy coding with rust.

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