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World without NodeJS.

A Perfect World Without NodeJs Does Not exist

If you are a web developer then you must have come across many technology that help us to create web-servers some of them are Jersey for Java, Spring Boot, Express, NodeJs etc.

Node.js is actually not a framework or a library, but a runtime environment, based on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.
Using Node.js for backend, you automatically get all the pros of full stack JavaScript development, such as:

  • better efficiency and overall developer productivity
  • code sharing and reuse
  • speed and performance
  • easy knowledge sharing within a team
  • a huge number of free tools

So lets talk about why world is incomplete without Nodejs

  1. No JavaScript alternate : Dino is coming in race as it is using Typescript but if you are a Javascript developer then you have to learn typescript first to work in it.
  2. Its simple Javascript: As we all know that current web works fully on Javascript and in order to integrate our front end with backend the compiler has to work hard that makes development and developer experience hard but if you are using Nodejs the frontend is also written in Javascript css and html and backend is also in javascript so the performance will be fast.
  3. Almost most of the framework from angular to react every framework and library supports node.
  4. Node has its own package manager NPM. NPM is so important building javascript based projects, and even with several alternatives (like webpack, yarn, etc) it is still by far the most used. A simple fact is that if npm does not work, most applications won’t build.
  5. NodeJs is managed by Linux Foundation so its free to use.

I am not saying NodeJs is best or other technology are bad but for me NodeJs has changed the way to development for me.

Comment Down your views on this.

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Discussion (2)

ptprashanttripathi profile image
Pt. Prashant tripathi

Well maybe after 1 decade nodejs will be abosulute

akarshbarar profile image
Codecave Author

might be possibel