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The sound of CSS: pop up the volume!

aka_tamer profile image Tamer ・1 min read

Since I was a child I have been attracted to the coordination between image and sound, or rather between images and music; for me the videos on MTV were better than cartoons.
In the first css approaches I really liked being able to give a graphic aspect to the HTML structure, I seemed to be able to give it an identity to that skeleton!
Then studying came the transformations, the transitions and then the animations and then the preprocessors and booooom b***h!

I enjoyed myself with animations.

Two codepens follow, one on Franz Ferdinad, the other on Chemical Brothers, if you know them and know their tracks, try watching the animations thinking about the music and then start the player.

Let me know if you feel and perceive the rhythm, mood and the relationship between sound and image.

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