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Ajmal Hasan

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Features like zoom, pan, status progress, tap/swipe to switch image. Perfectly running on android/ios.


Github Repo:

Libraries used:
yarn add react-native-gesture-handler react-native-pager-view react-native-reanimated

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WhatsApp-Status-React-Native is a specialized framework developed using React Native, designed to facilitate the creation of custom status features within the WhatsApp messaging application. This framework allows developers to craft unique and interactive status components, enabling users to share multimedia content or updates in engaging formats. Similarly, GB WhatsApp Pro 17.52 stands as an example of an enhanced version of the WhatsApp platform, offering users additional functionalities and customizable options beyond the standard WhatsApp application for an enriched messaging experience.

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Larry Novack

These are really great features. What I like about this app is that there are always updates. These updates make the app very convenient. In addition, there are hidden features that you can install with updates gbwhatsapp

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