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How to create an Azure Key Vault

Azure Key Vault

Azure Key Vault is a cloud service offered by Microsoft Azure that provides secure storage and management of sensitive information such as secrets, keys, and certificates. It helps protect cryptographic keys and secrets used by cloud applications and services.

Steps to create an Azure Key Vault
Step 1
On your Azure Portal search and click Key Vault
key vault

Step 2
Click on +create to create key vault

Step 3
Enter resource group and key vault name (give any)
resource group name
Note: leave other parameters as default, unles you wish to change them

Step 4
Click on Review and Create
review and create

Step 5
Click Create

Step 6
Click on go to resource
go to resource

Step 7
Click on keys on the left pane

Step 8
Click on Generate/Import

Step 9 (Final step)
Enter name, activation date and expiration date (if willing) and click create
activation date
note: you will see the key create at key vault portal

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