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Introducing new avatar of DL Gateway

We are thrilled to announce that the newly updated DL Gateway platform has been launched! Packed with cutting edge features and system improvements, we think you will absolutely love the upgraded environment.

Some of our new features and improvements include:

  • Signup and login directly to the Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric blockchain infrastructures
  • Create and manage projects using Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric
  • Collaborate and work on projects with other users registered on the platform
  • View detailed project statistics, including total project transactions and top API calls, in a clean UI that is easy to navigate
  • Monitor end-to-end blockchain network statistics
  • Personalize your account with a photo or avatar image

With more than five million transactions to date and growing, we’d like to remind you that this world-class system is 100% free to use. Please join us, collaborate with your team and create something amazing.

Register for DL Gateway at -

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