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Discussion on: Are there any versions of Electron (official or not) that aren't Chromium based (and/or have higher performance)?

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Ryan Kuruppu

There's Neutralino, it isn't chromium based but does have its fair share of problems.

There's also GTK+ and Flutter. Flutter is still in alpha stage so not ready for production yet, if you're doing it without the need for a production build then it's good to know that it supports almost every platform out there in terms of desktop OS's and mobile (but not TvOS or stuff like that). But GTK+ is ready to use so that might be a good alternative. But if you're considering GTK+ I also suggest you look at Qt. Both GTK and Qt are mainly for linux platforms but they support windows and MacOS as far as I know although I'm not too sure about MacOS support so you might wanna check that out.

Rn Electron and NW have the bigger say since they're both relatively established but both are based on chromium so you got that problem.