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Discussion on: Is live coding fun?

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Aisha Blake • Edited on

Whether it's fun to do or to watch depends largely on the streamer in my opinion. I enjoy live coding but started my career as a JavaScript instructor. I feel like I've done more coding in front of people than in private!

I've never seen you stream, so I don't know what sort of format you use. Personally, I don't enjoy watching people do their regular work unless they're also able to keep up an interesting conversation. It helps if each stream has a particular goal. I'm more interested in watching a lesson on a particular topic. When I stream code, it's generally an extra lesson for my students or a small, specific project.

I also feel that gaming is more approachable/relatable. Most people have played a video game in some form but many still see coding as some mysterious thing. I don't think we'll see people flock to coding streams in the same way until that changes.