Reduce Redux's action-creator boilerplates without library support in TypeScript

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// Define action-creators
export const fetchPostsRequest = () => ({
  type: "FETCH_POSTS" as const
export const fetchPostsSuccess = (posts: any) => ({
  type: "FETCH_POSTS_SUCCESS" as const,
  payload: { posts }
export const fetchPostsFailure = (error: Error) => ({
  type: "FETCH_POSTS_FAILURE" as const,

// Define Action and ActionTypes
export type FetchPostAction = ReturnType<
  | typeof fetchPostsRequest
  | typeof fetchPostsSuccess
  | typeof fetchPostsFailure
export type FetchPostsActionTypes = FetchPostAction["type"];

// Let's use
const action: FetchPostAction = {
}; // -> Property 'error' is missing
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