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How Do I Start A Career In Fintech?

Fintech Or Finance Technology is turning the table in this 21st century with its fusion application. The century realizes the traditional approaches of finance and technology are not enough to meet the global market demand. So, a new trend came to the market in the name of โ€œFintech.โ€ Is Fintech a good career?

If the above question is arising in your mind, then looking at the current scenarios, surely the fintech career will give you lots of opportunities. Letโ€™s know some job opportunities are currently in demand in the industry. The jobs are:

  • AI/ Machine Learning Engineer
  • App Developer
  • Blockchain Developer
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • Data Scientist
  • Accounting Manager
  • Business Development Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Fintech Lawer
  • Insurance Product Manager, and many more.

Looking at these job opportunities, one might wonder how to grab at least one of these job positions to start a professional career.

How To Start Your Career In Fintech?

If you have just graduated or want to change your job field and make a career in the fintech industry, then consider the following factors to achieve a successful career in the fintech industry.

Know The Skills Needed For Fintech

To acquire a career in Fintech, you must have certain skills in your bag. You must be skillful in both financial and technical skills.

The technical skills you must be prominent with coding, Artificial Intelligence, data analytics, programming, and also some soft skills including teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills, etc.

Those who are associated with the finance sectors often work with cross-sectional teams of both technical and non-technical. So it is easy for them to use both finance and technology.
So, to study the fintech industry, it is mandatory to have finance-tech knowledge with up-to-date trends in the related job field.

- Build the Perfect Resume
If you are just in the starting phase of finding entry-level fintech jobs, then a stellar resume plays a major role when seeking a job interview. Your resume must showcase your academic qualifications, fintech certification course, experience, etc.

Additionally, if you have any entrepreneurial skills on your list, then you must add this to your resume. You must ensure that your resume has accurate and true information because many companies are scanning the resume in the ATS or Applicants Training System process. A wrong resume can be rejected by your favorite fintech company.

- Listing The Companies And Building The Network
After building your resume, it is time to apply for a job position at your preferred fintech company. To do so, start searching for companies and jotting down the list.

While searching for the company, you must consider certain facts such as current market size, innovation, job openings, future scopes, use of industry, and inline resources for the innovation, etc.

After finding the preferred companies list, in your next move to the fintech career path, start applying to their job platforms with your resume. Another way of applying for a job is to reach out to your preferred companyโ€™s employees through various networks such as LinkedIn.

Additionally, to build more networks, attend Fintech conferences, and symposiums. These places will enhance the practical skills needed for fintech insights and open the door to finding your next job destination.

- Send E-mails
Research the companies for which you are interested in working. Find their HR and send cold e-mails that showcase your introduction and keenness to work in the company. Highlight all the relevant skills and experiences, contact information, etc.

Moreover, keep your e-mails simple and professional. Always follow up on your mail so that if they show interest in further discussions, they will give a response via e-mail.

- Know The Latest Trends
To know the latest trends, you must have learning habits to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technology in the fintech industry.

Acquiring knowledge about the trends will provide you the opportunity to learn new skills, learn about industry leaders and their strategies, learn about their vision to bring improvement in the industry, and much more.

For instance, the current trends include the pay-later market, cyber security, Open banking, AI, etc.

Final Words

If you want to learn Fintech from a reputed platform, then contact Future Skills Academy, which provides excellent certification courses on the Fintech platform and ensures a 100% job warranty. Stay updated with their website for more details about their other certification courses as well as in the fintech industry.

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