I am joining the DEV team!

aikedaa on June 14, 2019

Hi everyone! I'm Aikeda. I am interning at DEV this summer alongside Brian as a Business Development & Growth Analyst. I live in Toronto, Ont... [Read Full]
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Hey Aikeda,

Congratulations on joining the DEV.to for the summer.
I'm an active DEV.to member in Toronto and could possibly introduce you to business development opportunities within Toronto.

The best way is to meet in person. I'm hosting this event next week:

Solutions Architect Toronto Meetup June 22

or add me to LinkedIn.


Welcome to the DEV community Aikeda! This is one of the most vibrant places on the interwebs where you'll find a diverse group of people with different backgrounds but all having something in common about programming. I think you'll simply enjoy it!


woahhh, Great! aikedaa. Tell us what you got there, whether it's a valuable experience or one that can inspire

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