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Phase 1 complete! My Thoughts So Far.

Hi everybody!

With the first phase of my Software Engineering bootcamp coming to a close at Flatiron School, I thought I would update you on what I did over the last two weeks.

First, I completed my first code challenge on the first try! This was a huge accomplishment and it felt like a giant weight was lifted off of my shoulders once it was completed.

The week after that was project week. I was paired up with a couple of my favorite peers, and we developed a one page app that drew from a public API of cocktail recipes. We added a search function so the user can search recipes by name or ingredient, as well as a favorites list that successfully updates the server.
Check out the github repository here.

The last couple of weeks weren't without their struggles, though.

Imposter syndrome hit hard. Being paired with perhaps the two most experienced students in my cohort definitely made me feel a bit unprepared in comparison to them. I felt lost at times, and at others completely overwhelmed.

However, I also learned that while perhaps I'm not as strong as them in coding javascript off the fly, I am strong in other fields, such as design and styling! I styled our whole project (although there wasn't much to it) as well as helping to style another team's project as well! It was a lot of fun, and I quickly realized was perhaps my favorite part of the project. In the future I would like to build a project that has a bit more UI elements involved, so I can really toy around.

I start phase 2 tomorrow morning. We will be focusing on learning React, and I couldn't be more excited to learn a more clear and concise way of writing Javascript.

And here is a new picture of Mousseboy. Talk to you all soon :)IMG_2045

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