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Paxful Clone Script (Introduction + Companies)

paxful clone script

These days the need for knowing about cryptocurrencies have raised due to its popularity through the recent decades. People are earning money from these digital currencies and most people claim that investing on them will be a step towards digitalization and will bring you various profits. There are huge number of people who have already participated in the field of cryptocurrencies and they have been quite successful. The demand has let people towards tending to own an exchange platform which is a big step. For owning an exchange like Paxful one might consider using Paxful clone script which will be explained later. In this article I aim to talk about one of the famous platforms that has become of the greatest role models which is Paxful. The purpose of this article is to introduce the platform, talk about the reason why one should choose it and at the end, I will name some companies that will be into helping you to own an exchange platform.

Why choose Paxful as role model?

What must people believe is that crypto trading has changed and it is different from the form it was in 2016, therefore the crypto community is more into being decentralized and the peer-to-peer economy, which means the deal between two people who have the same interests and there is no need for the third party. Paxful is one of the platforms that is a pioneer in the P2P transactions, and that’s why paxful is a revolution in the p2p environment. Thus, when you follow the footsteps of paxful in p2p format, there are more chances for succeeding your exchange without much effort, due to the fact that it has already been successful using the method. The platform has already 4 offices all around the world and its application was downloaded more than one million times. The number of daily wallet transactions of the mentioned platform is about 288,224 and the daily trade of it is almost 122,168, furthermore, it owns more than 350 payment methods which is outstanding. Currently, about 10 million people all around the world are using them and it is a proof for its popularity.
Paxful has reported that bitcoin trading volumes has increased 35 percent and it reached to $1.1 billion in the first half of 2020 which is a huge success compared to $817 million in 2019, and on average, more than $182 million worth of bitcoin (BTC) was exchanged on its site, according to the report. Nigeria, the United States, Ghana, India, and Kenya paved the charge in terms of growth, with developing economies leading the way. Currently, Paxful has accumulated 4.5 million users and reached a total $4.6 billion trading volume for BTC as it started services in 2015. Five years ago, the average trading volume was $45; now, the average trading volume varies between $102 which is a huge jump. Therefore, starting a profitable business like paxful would not be surprising.

What is a paxful clone script?

As we mentioned in the introduction, most people might choose the clone script instead of starting from the scratch. What is the clone script? Paxful clone script is the ready-made programming code that resembles the vital and main features of Paxful. You can plug and play this clone script in your hosting server with the possibility of customization which allows you to change some parts of it such as, logo rebranding, color theme setup and make it unique and specific to yourself. Most of the clone scripts are fully tested and you do not need to be worried about the problems and bugs.
It is in fact made for people who are not professional in developing and coding and they are pleased by the functionalities that Paxful delivers. The adaptability, scalability, security are the pillar strength for the Paxful clone script and ready to set up model actually skips the development process, and it brings lots of advantages with itself:
Time saving: The first upside it offers to clients is saving time. As we explained earlier, a Paxful clone can let you skip the code written process from the very beginning. When you see the hiring charges of developers per day, you may understand the benefits of availing paxful clone script.

Good standard: If you are not into building software scripts, you end up in failure for the first time. However, a company that primarily makes the income through software selling is able to give software in premium standards. Because they fail, test and build the best. They can offer scripts in 100% high quality standard.

Low cost: building an exchange platform will be so expensive, since the developers are paid hourly and starting from the scratch process can be time and money consuming. So that, using a ready-made clone script can reduce these expenses and you can be able to own an exchange at a lower cost.

Business Benefits of Paxful Clone on User side are:

• Multiple Cryptocurrency Support
• Multi-Crypto Support
• Free Wallet Integration
• Buy/Sell Ads Display
• OTC Trading
• Bitcoin Price Calculator
• Rewards Program
• Trader Program
• Peer Program(MLM)
• Affiliate Program

Business Benefits of Paxful Clone on Admin Side are:

• Trading with Escrow
• Customer Dispute Solution
• Peer-Peer market price API
• Bitcoin ATM Map API
• Liquidity setup
• 350 Payment Methods
• Trading Goods
• Gift Cards Inclusion
• User Forums

As all people know and as I mentioned earlier in the introduction, the clone script is famous for being one of the safest platforms that has ever existed and that is why numerous users have chosen this platform. These are some hack-proof security features in paxful clone
• 2FA authentication
• Escrow Admin Protection
• Security Deposit
• SSL Integration
• Fingerprint Authentication in Login
• End-to-end encryption
• Browser Detection Security
• Safe Individual Wallet
• DDoS migration
• Data Encryption

How does the Clone Script work for your users?

Step 1: The user needs to register an account at your cryptocurrency exchange to start the trading process via P2P. the process can be done with Gmail or any other authentication.
Step 2: When the user has completed the process of registration, the user may get a confirmation email and clicking the link will redirect the user to the trade directly. When the confirmation code is read and inserted, the user can enter the platform.
Step 3: It is needed that the user includes the necessary financial information for KYC approval. That can be include the types of wallets or cryptocurrencies.
Step 4: The seller can initiate the trade and the preferred cryptocurrency in the trading process would be sent to the escrow account in an automatic mode.
Step 5: Once the seller confirms the payment that the buyer has made, the coins will automatically move from the escrow to the buyer’s wallet immediately.
Step 6: You need to know that Admins can supervise the trade and interject whenever there arises a dispute call.

The last part of the article is dedicated to the companies that will offer the so called clone script and they all have some specific features and benefits that is needed to be elaborated on. Before moving forward, I need to mention that some of the companies didn’t share so much benefits or features, thus, I tried to gather all the information that were on their website about the Paxful clone.


radindev company

The first company that is going to be elaborated on is Radindev which is one of the best in the business. They have delivered a huge number of projects throughout their existence which is about six years. They offer services such as, P2P crypto currency exchange software, white label crypto Exchange software, NFT development and cryptocurrency exchange website development. It is filled with experienced experts and developers and throughout the past 2 years, they have given services to more than 50 companies and they have all been satisfied with the services. They claim that they try to prepare the solution which brings the most benefit to the clients. Below are mentioned some of the features that the clone script they offer has:

  1. Ability to Add Tokens, which means the Possibility of adding tokens, particularly ETH-based tokens.
  2. Nodejs & Oracle, it is used to facilitate Crypto-Secure data management.
  3. Data Encryption, which provides inaccessibility to user’s security information.
  4. Dockerized, in fact It allows users to pack their micro services and simplify management of those.
  5. They also build user’s own crypto wallets, we all know that for using cryptocurrency, users will need to use a cryptocurrency wallet that they build with all that is needed.
  6. Web3.0 Wallet, which lets you access a given cryptocurrency’s network.
  7. Blockchain Technology, in other words the wallet they provide supports 20 various blockchain networks.

And now some of premium features of Paxful clone they provide:

• P2P exchange option
• Multi Lingual
• Security Transaction
• Escrow Services
• Privecy & Identity
• Instant buy/sell bitcoins
• Ads-based crypto trading
• More than +300 payment options
• Liquidity API
• Flash Swapping
• High Security
• Gift card option

Here is the list of benefits of their whitelabel Paxful clone

• Ready to Launch
• Easy Customization
• Saves Time & Money
• No Technical Assistance
• Skip Development from Scratch

Osiz Technologies

Osiz Technologies

It is A CMMI Standard - Level 3 Software Development Company which is determined to deliver an absolute software based IT solutions for Start-ups, Entrepreneurs, Businesses and Industries. It is located in Mdural, Tamil Nadu and their motto is centered in the satisfaction of their clients. Osiz in fact, is a prominent cryptocurrency exchange development firm with highly talented developers and over 13 years of expertise in designing and operating cryptocurrency exchange platforms. They also offer some other services such as NFT development, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, DApps, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Business Intelligence (BI), Internet of Thing (IoT), AI ChatBot, Machine Learning, AR/VR, Cloud computing and advanced JS Frameworks.
• Benefits of their Paxful clone
• Secure and Instant payment transaction
• Latest technology stacks
• User-friendly dashboards for crypto traders.
• Supports Multiple Payment
• Multi-lingual Supports
• Scalable and reliable functionalities
• Highly secure features to prevent hacking, scamming, and fraudulent operations.


Coinsqueens company

Coinsqueens company was launched in 2018 and it is located in India. As they say, aside from theCrypto exchange platform, it offers NFT marketplace development which is one of the digital assets that has covered the world of digitalization. As people have said, it is a leading cryptocurrency exchange script provider and it offers reliable and quality cryptocurrency exchange scripts with low cost. One of the P2P exchange clone -scripts they offer is Paxful which is filled with outstanding premium features. The company is filled with a team of experienced developers who has vast knowledge on cryptocurrency exchange platforms, and they are ready to serve people all around the world 24/7. Below is mentioned some of the features they offer:

Premium Features of their White Label Paxful Clone

• Secure Escrow Wallet
• Proximity Match
• Dispute settlement
• Chat-Bo
• Swapping Process
• Multiple payment methods

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