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CardView Vs MaterialCardView

As we're focusing more on design, Material Design is a hot topic here. Google's Material Library ( ) created a huge impact in this area. Today I'm going to discuss one of the most used elements in the design, the CardView.

Google has introduced a new version of CardView called MaterialCardView . Both CardView and MaterialCardView could be used in the same cases and they look pretty similar. But there is still a vast difference in both design and functionality.

Let's start with some background data about these twos-


Previously, CardView was provided by Android Support Library ( But with the latest migration to Andoridx, now it is provided by Androidx (androidx.cardview.widget.CardView) Library. CardView is created by extending the FrameLayout.


This is introduced with Google Material Library ( It is provided by Material Components Library ( MaterialCardView is created by extending the CardView.


MaterialCardView has all the elements of CardView with its extra features. Here is a list containing the differences-

  • Stroke Color and Stroke Width can be added to MaterialCardView which wasn't possible using CardView.
  • MaterialCardView is Checkable. Check icon, color, and position can be set in MaterialCardView. Check conditions can be called also. This will be really useful as CardView has a huge usage in lists and grids.
  • Ripple Color can be set to MaterialCardView which is not available in CardView.

Code Example




CardView Example

MaterialCardView Example


Thanks for reading. Have a good day.

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