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Discussion on: What were your challenges on your journey to becoming a programmer?.

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Ahmed Magdy
  • 2014 joined university studying computer science
  • took introduction to CS , sounded pretty easy
  • ACM made an introduction about problem solving contests
  • tried to make some progress in competitive programming path failed misreably
  • got depression
  • it's 2016 now and i know some C++
  • failed another year in college -it's 2018 now i know a lot more but failed another year cause i was playing League of legends too much. but hey i got to plat 3.
  • went to work as a networking technician for 8 months-> learned alot but kinda hated the job. -it's sebtember 2019 went back to college -> march 2020 corona happend graduation got delayed.
  • i already knew alot of nodejs i really had a talent for writtting a very effiecient code and finding a logical way to solve a problem fast.
  • i used that corona period to amp up my CV
  • built 3 back-end related project in one month.
  • now it august 2020-> just graduated
  • +90 job applications later.
  • got accepted at my first programming job as a back-end developer. moral of the story be paitent AF.
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cyberraff Author

Thank you so much.

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