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Why developers don't use svelteKit?

Introduction: What is Svelte?

in my humble opinion:
Svelte is a lightweight JavaScript framework that is designed to be used in web applications. It is designed to make it easier for developers to create high-quality, responsive UIs.

But the developers of svelte describe it as follows:

SvelteKit is a framework for building web applications of all sizes, with a beautiful development experience and flexible filesystem-based routing.

Unlike single-page apps, SvelteKit doesn't compromise on SEO, progressive enhancement or the initial load experience — but unlike traditional server-rendered apps, navigation is instantaneous for that app-like feel.

For Discussion

I think you will be surprised when you use it, it's just the best, So why Developers don't use it, me as developer i has to be open for new stack all the time in order to deliver the best websites for the clients, what i mean is no one use plain (HTML, CSS) for big projects anymore, because it's outdated, and i think the time have come to renew the front-end stack with something new.

Give Your opinion in the comments please, Because i think about this all the time, And I didn't find an answer.

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Jesus Guerrero

At production level is not very clever to change to a new framework everytime that emerge unless the status quo is far behind.

Even Vue that has more years suffers from the argument: "more packages, the ecosystem is bigger and more jobs"

Svelte is good though, Vercel contracting Harris is a good sign to make it grow as a react/next.js successor or steal some concept from it.

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Eli Bates

I like svelte but using react and nextjs means I have access to years of already developed and maintained node packages. This cuts cost down and leads to me not re-inventing the wheel.

If it’s for a personal project or something small go with svelte, but choosing it for a production app is a huge risk. Imagine needing to hire additional developers… your pool just shrank to 2% of the market.

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Ahmed Onour

It makes sense

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I use it 😇

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Ahmed Onour

Me to

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Michele Nasti

Why people don't use sveltekit?

  1. they don't know that svelte exist.
  2. they know that svelte exists, but they have more experience in some other thing, like react.
  3. There is a cost in chosing a technology that is perceived as immature: it will take longer to solve problems.
  4. Sveltekit, last time I used it, had a very simple docs page that helped me to start, but not to solve some deep issue I was having. I had to subscribe to their discord in order to find help.
  5. There is literaly nobody around my area that is using svelte I can ask questions or share knowledge.
  6. Nobody can guarantee that Svelte will be around, and maintained, for the next +10y.
  7. While Svelte has a true competitive advantage over react or vue for the app size and speed, with SSR frameworks there is no advantage left.
  8. People are not excited to learn a new thing and usually they just want to get sh*t done

BTW, i like svelte & sveltekit. It's my favourite...

ahmed_onour profile image
Ahmed Onour

But literally our work is development, and in order for us to develop, we must develop our use of development tools.

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