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SvelteKit Vs ReactJs


ReactJs is a JavaScript library that helps you build user interfaces. It was created by Facebook and Instagram, and it’s now an open source project hosted on GitHub. It's built on top of the same core technology as AngularJS, so it’s possible to write code once and then use it with both frameworks. This can save time when learning new technologies, because there aren't as many differences between them as there are between say Django or Ruby on Rails

ReactJs Advantages

ReactJs is an excellent choice for building large projects. It doesn't have any of the bad parts of Svelte, like its lack of performance or its inability to support large data sets. React has been around for a long time and has proven to be one of the most popular front-end frameworks today. It's also easy to learn if you're new to web development, making it an ideal choice for everyone from beginners who want something simple but powerful, all the way up through seasoned web developers who need something more complex than Bootstrap or Material Design Kit (MDK).

SvelteKit Advantages

  • Svelte is a framework that allows you to write in plain JavaScript. This makes it easy for developers who aren't familiar with JSX or other features of ReactJS.

  • It's fast, which means your application will load faster than if you were using React alone. In fact, it's often faster than native apps!

  • The library is focused on performance and responsiveness—you can use it for building mobile applications too!

Sveltekit has come out very strong in the developer opinion , and most people love it.

SvelteKit is the most popular JavaScript framework for creating single-page applications. It's been around for several years now and it has come out very strong in the developer opinion, and most people love it.

SvelteKit has many advantages over ReactJS:

  • Fast: Sveltekit uses native technologies like V8 JavaScript engine for speed. This means that your application will load faster than any other framework or library you have used before! You can expect a loading time of < 1s if you use ES6 features such as classes, decorators etc., but if you don't then it will take much longer (around 10 seconds). So this could be an issue depending on how big your project might be!

  • Smaller Size: The smaller bundle size helps improve download times by reducing unnecessary code within each page request which saves bandwidth & prevents page breaks during scrolling etc..

  • Easy : One thing I really like about SvelteKit is how easy it is to learn compared with other frameworks out there today because there are no external dependencies required so anyone who knows how HTML works can start working right away without having any prior knowledge about programming languages or frameworks beforehand."


ReactJs has come up with some amazing new features, but SvelteKit is still the best. It has better performance and a lot more features that you need for your application to be successful in the market.

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