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How i write my resume as front end developer???

I would like some advice on how to write my CV and some experiences if possible.

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Joe Mainwaring

^ A copy of my resume which you can use as inspiration.

My advice:

  • No more than 1 page back & front. Use LinkedIn for overflow content. My career spans 22 years, but my resume really only showcases the last 9 years of work history with a reference to LinkedIn for my full history.
  • List key hard skills. This is one of the first things I look at as a hiring manager to filter through a list of candidates.
  • Don’t underestimate discussing soft skills. I may be hiring you to write JavaScript, but understanding how you work with other team members, manage expectations, and communicate both internally and externally are a few things that are useful to know when evaluating candidates.
  • I don’t care what your interests are in your resume. I’ll ask about your work/life balance habits/goals if you reach the in-person part of the interview.
  • If you have irrelevant work that you're thinking about including (example: I worked at a retail clothing store for a brief period), try to make it fit the narrative, otherwise just exclude it. I care less about seeing you maintained any job and more about if your past work experience aligns with what I’m seeking.
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Ahmed Onour • Edited

Thank You, I never had a satisfying answer more than this one. ✊ 🔥