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Experience in job interviews


In previous post, I asked DEV community about what advice would you have given yourself before a job interview, And I found amazing advises that i want share with you.

1. Nathan Hedglin Said:

I've been on both sides of the table plenty of times. Every interview is different.

Prepare 3 stories.

  1. Interpersonal conflict that was fixed
  2. A project you're personally proud of
  3. An especially hard bug or optimisation you implemented

Answer technical questions with a sentence then paragraph to explain further. Ask clarifying questions, that shows you know what you're talking about.

Have questions for the interviewer(s) ready. Remember, you're interviewing them too. Don't let them act superior.

Of course have the soft skill answers ready too

  • What is your biggest strength and weakness?
  • Why do you want to work here ?
  • Do you think you're a cultural fit?

Breathe. Interviews are tough. Good luck!.

conclusion :

You need to prepare your self, by practising, let us see what the next advice about.

2. Brandon Charest

There is already some great advice here. I would just like to add that personally I have found that the interviewer is looking for the questions to be answered in the STAR format

The STAR format stands for Situation, Task, Action, Result:
Situation: An event, project, or challenge faced
Task: Your responsibilities and assignments for the situation
Action: Steps or procedure taken to relieve or rectify situation
Result: Results of actions taken.

And using this format try to have some answers to commonly asked questions. I try to have a few different answers ready, just incase I am asked a common question I do not have to repeat a previous answer (don't know if that really matters) and I don't have to struggle thinking of a second one.

3. Peter Vivo said:

Don't afraid if first interview fail.

My tactic is do 10+ interview simultaneous.

  • gather experience on first 5 interview.
  • Personal git-repo which is contain some useful is also really handy.
  • CV does not longer than one page, short and clear ( in my -- case it is hard because I have 30+ years working experience).


It's very useful advises, and i hope these tips help you, thank you for every advice, and if you have advice, please tell us in the comments.


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